Jun. 22nd, 2013

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Hi! Not sure how big this news is outside of Canada, but I thought you might have heard that Calgary has been flooded out and you might be wondering how my family and I are faring. Long story short: we're fine, as our house isn't near enough to a river to be affected. Little longer story: I'm actually in Ontario with Mr. Posh for his niece's wedding today. I found out fifteen minutes before I left the Kittens to drive to the airport that a state of emergency had been declared for the city. That was SO FUN. Luckily, that was a good fifteen hours before the water crested so the main roads were still open at that time. It's crazy that places we know so well are now washed away (or. more likely, under water). The poor zoo! The poor Saddledome! Our season ticket seats for Hitmen Hockey are presently submerged, plus another ten rows up. Have mercy.

I was chatting with the Kittens last night, and told them that if a boil water advisory was in effect they HAD to do it. Their reply: That's okay, we're just drinking pop and stuff instead. Hee! They're worried we won't be able to get home from the airport (which I hadn't even thought of), but worst case scenario is that we'll have to drive around the outskirts of the city and come home the back way. I think those roads are okay. Fifteen minutes from where we live the town of Okotoks is in ruins - and fifteen minutes beyond that the town of High River is pretty much gone. Why do people want to live in a place called "High River", anyway??? Connect the dots, people!

Lots and lots of wedding stories to tell, but that will have to wait until I get home.  Take care everybody, and let's pray there's an open bar tonight at the reception.


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