May. 29th, 2014

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This week has been a rather awful one, what with misogyny and murder and stoning and such, so let's talk about something that has nothing to do with any of that so we can forget about it for a minute.

I was watching movie trailers on (although I'm not sure why I do that to myself because they always show WAY too much of the movie's plot and then if it's a movie I think I want to see I have to scramble to stop the trailer so I don't find out things I don't want to know until I'm watching the movie OMG. Anyway, I watched these trailers from the front page of the website:

A Walk Among the Tombstones: Liam Neeson plays yet another dude trying to save someone he loves. I can't help but wonder if he takes these rolls because when his wife died in a skiing accident there wasn't anything he could do to help her. Freud me up, Scotty! Anyway, it was more of the same old thing we've seen a zillion times, and then they showed a character DYING UNEXPECTEDLY, which it seems to me would have been a shocking moment while watching the movie if they didn't show it during the trailer.

What if: Daniel Radcliffe is trying so hard to get the hell away from Harry Potter, isn't he? This is a quirky little film about a guy who is trying to win the heart of this gal who already has a boyfriend. There's a scene when they're in a change room and he's helping her get this too-small dress over her head and he's supposed to have his eyes closed but he's looking at her anyway and her eyes are covered by the dress and he wants to kiss her soooo bad, and they're literally inches apart. Well, that hit all my bulletproof kinks, thanks. However, I watched almost the whole thing so I guess I don't want to see it that much.

The Book of Life: Ten seconds and I was out. I didn't like the plot or animation, so whatevs.

Mood Indigo: OMG Audrey Tautou! Amelie is one of my top ten movies ever, and this one also has that dreamy, impossibly romantic tone to it. I turned it off, but I was desperate to see more.

Magic in the Moonlight: Skeptic falls for the Long Island Medium. LOL, I would totally watch that movie. No, he falls for Emma Stone, as one does. I love Emma Stone. I love Colin Firth. I do not love Woody Allen. I *hate* yet another movie with an older dude hooking up with a very young woman. I watched the whole trailer (which gave away only the basic premise FWIW), but I'm not watching the movie. Eff you, Woody.


Guardians of the Galaxy: I've never heard of this comic, but...LOVED IT. COLOUR ME THERE.

Interstellar: They can't fool me. I only watched five seconds of it, then turned it off to avoid spoilers. All I know is the main character is an engineer who likes corn. If the reviews are decent, I'll definitely check it out. Super 8 was a massive disappointment under similar circumstances tho, so my expectations are rock bottom.

This is Where I Leave You: Jason Bateman has to spend a week with his dysfunctional family after their father dies. I watched all of it, but that's not such a bad thing with this kind of movie. I'll watch all the same jokes a second time and laugh just as hard. Tina Fey is my flat out hero, so if it's good enough for her to be in it, it's good enough for me to watch it.

Transformers was on the next page, so maybe I'll get to that one next time. :0D


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