Feb. 24th, 2015

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Yikes, the days go so darn fast! I had my surgery Feb 6, and everyone was super nice to me in the hospital, especially Nurse Morphine. Everything went as planned, and the surgery took two hours, fifteen minutes. It started several hours late though, so when Mr Posh phoned to see if I was out of recovery and they told him I was still in surgery he freaked the heck out. LOL. No surgery didn't last six hours, honey. Take deep breaths.

I took a selfie when I got to my hospital room.

In the hospital

I've had some ups and downs during my recovery so far (pro tip: don't eat chips a week after surgery or you WILL be down for two days with the worst gas pains of your life), and all in all I'm not healing as quickly as I'd hoped. We go to Vancouver to see the Poshkitten on Friday, and I am really not in any shape to be doing that. I've already got a wheelchair with my name on it at the airport, so at least I won't have to walk much there. The plane ride...that's going to be interesting. Hopefully I make some kind of miracle recovery this week before we go. My T3s make me hella sick to my stomach, but I might not have a choice. It's that or extra strength ibuprofen son, and that's not going to cut it. I took a percocet last night (left over from Mr Posh's appendectomy lol) and it was glorious. I wish I had ten of those to take with me, but no such luck. What is it with me and doctors and painkillers? Mr Posh got percocets for both his vascectomy and his appendix, and I got them for neither my C-section or hysterectomy. WTF. Yes, I'm outright bitter, thanks for asking. I'm not saying it's because he's a man...except I totally am.

Mr Posh has been a dream though (I know!), being very helpful and considerate and even cooking! The younger kitten is also extra solicitous, with hugs and water-getting whenever I need them. I belong to a group online called HysterSisters (great name), and there are women on there with nobody to help them, or families who resent and ignore them, and one's woman's husband died the day after her surgery!!! So I'm counting my blessings, believe me.

I'll let you know how everything goes on Friday OMG. Wish me luck.


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