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 We made it to 2015. We all rock! It was a rough last half of the year for me, but I'm doing so much better now. Yay! It took me more than two months to fully recover from my blood loss. I was weak and dizzy for a long time, and my short term memory sucked. Which sucked. I could literally forget something three seconds after I thought about it. For example, I could look at a phone number on a piece of paper, turn to dial it into the phone, and forget it before I could dial it. Argh! It made working an exercise in frustration, but the worst has passed in that regard, I think.

I'm getting my traitorous uterus (and cervix) removed on Feb 6, and I'm excited as heck about it. No more scary periods, no more fibroids from hell. I had to get a gigantic shot of Lupron to shrink my uterus by Feb to better the odds that laproscopic surgery will be doable, which will make my recovery much easier. Ha ha, remember when my LJ was about sexy sex? Sigh. Anyway, the Lupron cost $1100. Damn, son! The people who helped me at the pharmacy said it was the most expensive RX they'd ever filled. Lucky me!

I'm going to stop there, because I'm really hoping to post way more often with all my news. I miss interacting with you guys (whoever is still here, that is). LJ's glory days may be over, but we survivors need to stick together. xoxoxoxo
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