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Dudes. I come from beyond the eternal mists of the nether world! Aka: Tumblr. Lol. For any of you still around, I've been wanting to post again foreverrrr, but I talked myself out of it time after time because I'm so lame-ass. I'm, like, Kardashian lame. Beiber lame. TRUMP LAME. Okay, maybe not that lame. But pretty lame.

However, I've come back to preach the word. The word, my sisters (and brothers) (haha, just kidding), is my new religion. My new and singular fandom that's struck me to the core, the only one since Buffy that's fired my loins and make me a true believer.

OMG don't laugh; it's Daredevil.

Let's break it down. Usually I go for fellows who look like this:

Big brawny men with muscles to spare and tempers to avoid. That is my aesthetic. Heck, I married it!

But along comes this guy:

Slim and shortish, hot as hell, hyper competent, hyper conflicted. Tormented, even. The last fictional boyfriend of that description who caught my heart this hard was a boy named Spike, heh. Matt Murdock, my new TV megacrush. His million watt smile is going to give me a stroke. His bum! His cane! His punches! His tilt of the head to hear all the sounds! Oh god, his mouth!!::collapses in a puddle of need:: I've never wanted a TV character to have sex with anyone, anywhere, anyhow SO BADLY IT HURTS. I settle for him beating the shit out of everyone and spitting blood when he's down. whimper

I gulped down season 1 this week, panting and wide-eyed, and watched Episode 1 of S2 tonight. OMG CRAZY SHANE IS THE BIG BAD. I don't know if I can survive it, honestly. I love all the other characters too, Karen and Foggy and especially Fisk, who is after all my go-to aesthetic in case you missed it.

Probably none of you watch it, or else watch it with the same detached interest that I give to all the other shows I watch, but I feel a duty to proselytize to y'all. You need a little devil in you. Praise be! I don't even care if the next 2 seasons are bad; I'll always have perfect season 1 to keep me warm. And by warm, I mean unconfortably hot. Hahaha. ::fans face so hard I get tendonitis::

Anyway...hi! I'm, uh, trying to stay away from carbs these days and my youngest is almost done Grade 12. I'm almost 50! I'm trying to plan out a Kickstarter!  We're thinking about our "retirement" in a few years! I miss you all VERY VERY MUCH. But that goes without saying. xoxoxoxo
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