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Some quick thoughts on the Grammys as they happen.

A night with the beautiful people )

More to follow!
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People, I have so many things to post about, but THIS is what I'm going with tonight! Remember how I posted that string of hot movie/TV kisses a while ago, but then I sort of ran out of really good ones? Well, here's a doozy. ::"fans" self vigorously:: I'm putting it behind a cut because it's a rather new spoiler, so let me just say that it's from the latest New Girl in case you haven't seen the episode yet. You don't have to watch the show to appreciate it, tho.

I meant something like that. )
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Ha, did you see that video of Michelle Obama rolling her eyes at John Boehner while they were eating at the congregational lunch? I can't believe he smacks her arm at one point for boorish emphasis. I like to think that she hates his guts and is so sad she has to sit beside him at that table. I watched the video over and over again like it was the JFK assassination footage, trying to analyze what's happening and who's doing what and why. And then after the eyeroll, Obama needs to blow his nose but has to settle for jostling his boogers from the outside. I love this video! It's like Big Brother: Presidential Edition.
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You know which movie I'm not going to see? Mama. Way, way, way, WAY too scary for me. Brrr! I hate that herky-jerky twitchy special effect - it creeps me entirely out! I may read the synopsis on Movie Spoilers, though, because that's never scary whatsoever, and I get to find out the plot twists.

So...which scary movie traumatized you forever? Me: The Changeling, The Exorcist, and The Omen. I will cross the freaking street to avoid bumping into those suckers! The haunted wheelchair! The crawling down the stairs upside down! Damien and his babysitter (and all the other parts of that movie)! Gah!
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Now that the Oscars have been announced with no huge surprises (except maybe Joaquin Phoenix, who I don't think was widely expected to steal the supporting actor nod from more deserving actors like Seth McFarlane in Ted), I did want to post about Life of Pi, which did very well this morning with 11 nods, and which I saw last weekend in a last-minute rush to see it in 3D before it went to the cheap theatres.

Let me start by saying that if any movie needs to be seen in 3D, it's Life of Pi. Lush, gorgeous, breathtaking, stunning, it would be a shame to miss out on the full effect of how this movie looks. Four adjectives might be enough to describe the wonder of this movie, but maybe not. I shall hold myself off! ::strains::

I don't know if you'll like this movie, but I LOVED it. Part of the plot is based on a whole lot of inaction, so if you don't like movies where nothing happens, then you might not like this. However, when stuff happens, boy does it happen! It's also (parenthetically) a movie about God and spirituality, which, as an atheist, I found very interesting and quite enlightening. Overall it's a story about conquering adversity of both the physical and emotional kind, and it was quite overwhelming for me. I cried a little bit at the end, and would have bawled my eyes out if I'd seen it at home alone. Pi's story, and the tiger's, deserved to be told even if it was hard for us to bear.

Suraj Sharma, who played the younger Pi, and especially Irrfan Khan, who played the adult Pi, were really terrific and believable in what is
essentially a fantasy (or at least fantastical) movie. I would have loved to see Irrfan nab a nom this morning, but can understand why he was overlooked for the same reason all the actors were ignored in LofR. The movie is simply much bigger than the acting. It was funny and scary and uplifting and heartbreaking, sometimes pretty much all at the same time, set against a truly magical backdrop. I know i'm gushing, and I'm not sure why I was so affected by this particular film when usually I'm a big old cynic. All I know is I recommend that you see it if you're able so you can judge for yourself - it's very pretty no matter what you think about the rest of it.
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Here's the next song on my Top 10 Songs of 2012!

Mumford and Sons
I Will Wait

Now I'll be bold
As well as strong
And use my head alongside my heart

I have a probably unhealthy interest in Marcus Mumford (let's just say I've watched him in videos an ungodly amount, and he's also the love interest in my novel-in-progress, his character named, appropriately, Marcus). Here's the live version of this song that I love the very most. These fellows have a shocking amount of talent - and passion, too.

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We celebrated New Years Day by having a fondue at our friends' house. Everything was great until the oil heater caught on fire and had flames leaping two bloody feet in the air at the dining room table. Everyone scrambled for pot holders and metal lids and baking soda while the kids asked for marshmallows to roast. Ha! Luckily we had a second (electric) fondue pot so all was not lost.

In other news, fondues are a freaking ton of work, including the oppressive clean-up. Next time we're going to have pulled pork and pre-made salad, dammit.
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I want to post my Top Ten Favourite Songs of 2012, and instead of it being some major project that causes me anxiety and such, I'm just going to post one song at a time when I get around to it. For fun! Which we all need more of, I think.

Everybody Talks - Neon Trees
It started with a whisper, and that was when I kissed her.

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Good grief, I just finished watching Blue Valentine with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. I don't know if I've ever seen a movie that made me so anxious. Even my feet are clammy! What desperate, lonely, unhappy people they were. I don't even want to hug them -- mainly I want to run away from them as fast as I can to flee the sadness. Whimper.
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I had absolutely no interest in the rumoured Mad Max reboot. I mean, how desperate and lame does Hollywood have to be to resurrect yet another franchise that was just fine as it was, and got a bit stinky by the last movie? Screw that noise, boys!

Then five minutes ago I found out Tom Hardy was starring as Mad Max.

silent scream forever
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Happy Boxing Day 2 U (as Prince would say; he even wrote a tribute to some dead celebrity in Entertainment Weekly in his famous text-ready style).

I've been up since 6:40 because I kindly drove my daughter to her job at Michael's for 7 am. It's -24C and I couldn't bear to let her walk, even though it only takes 20 minutes. She and her sister took that same walk when it was only -13 the other day (without socks, hats, or gloves because they're dumb teenagers), and the younger Kitten got frostbite on her ear! Anyway, Michael's is opening at 8 am for all the Boxing Day sales, so she had to get there a half hour earlier than normal. She preps the cash registers and does up the deposit, then does price changes for the last hour or so. She won't be bored today, I'll wager.

You may or may not know that the Boxing Day sales are the Canadian equivalent to Black Friday sales in the US, and when I drove home every damn parking lot was full of cars, at 7 in the freaking morning. I have to say, there's nothing on earth I need badly enough to be one of those shoppers. I myself scurried home and am now back in bed while everyone is still asleep. Much better!
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Just put the stockings out filled with things for the kids to do in the early a.m. so we can get a little more sleep. The funny part is that they're 14 and almost 18 - they should want to sleep in more than we do! It's a chilly -25C tonight, but we're cuddled up warm in our beds so it's all good.

Anyway, wishing all of you lovely LJers a peaceful, joyful Christmas day, filled with butter tarts and turkey gravy, or whatever else you may desire. Much love to each and every one of you!
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Santa brought me an early Christmas present - a urinary tract infection. Whee! So tonight I had to wait at the clinic an hour, go to WalMart for the second time today and wait for a half hour for the prescription, then go home to cross my legs forever. Everybody was SO GRUMPY everywhere I went, including me, because everyone else is an idiot. Hee. Even still, I tried to smile at every person I saw so they wouldn't go home and further their substance abuse problem.

We went to a Christmas party last weekend and the hosts had a freaking awesome house. Gutted and entirely redone, it had a twenty foot long kitchen with a fifteen foot long island, and a fridge with two doors each the size of an entire normal fridge. Lots of overstuffed leather furniture everywhere, needless to say. They made us a turkey and served us booze, so life was sweet. The only thing that marred the evening was when some woman started going on about how some black TV actor was good looking because he wasn't *that* black. He had just enough white in him to save him from being black ugly, I guess. I didn't want to yell at her and ruin everybody else's good time, so I just got up and left the table after saying, "I have NOTHING to say to that." Which I guess is saying something. I was drunk; it was the best I could come up with.

I also went to my first wine tasting event ever last week, which was so much fun. My friend and I didn't know that nobody gives a crap if you toss out the contents of your glass into the provided buckets, so we drank quite a bit of bad wine to be polite before we saw all the swooshers and sniffers jettisoning their rejects. It was enjoyable, but I'm glad we got the tickets for free. I saw a guy there who I used to work with thirteen looong years ago at the bank. We both pretended (or at least I pretended) not to know each other to avoid painful small talk. At least I was wearing makeup and dress pants. Yay!

My shopping is almost done - just one trip to the mall for one last gift and I'm through. I spent more than I planned to this year, and stressed more than I hoped to, and it's not over yet. I haven't even done any baking! I bought the butter tonight, does that count?
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There will be no sad talk about the state of the world today. I'm sure you'll have more than enough of that watching the news this weekend. Let this be a place to hide from everything bad. ::hugs::

I went to see The Hobbit today. I was very much looking forward to seeing it in Magic 48 Frame 3D, but that theatre was sold out so we ended up seeing it in Not Even 3D Whatsoever. It's a bummer because it still has the blurry 3D muddiness without the cool 3D effects. Darn it! The movie was good but not great, IMO. It definitely could have done with some trimming without losing any of its brilliance. It's impossible not to compare it to LOTR, and I think the lack of multiple epic storylines made it suffer in comparison. Overlooking that, it was charming and exciting, and the New Zealand footage was beyond grand (even not in 3D, dammit). Martin Freeman was actually not my favourite, and I'm not sure why -  possibly because he was a little too "plain folk" even though he of course transformed into a brave warrior type by the end. He was a bit too fussy for my tastes, I suppose. I loved Gandalf and the dwarves, and would totally sleep with Thorin. We're the same height, probably! I'd polish that dude's sword any day of the week.  So, it's a thumbs up for sure, but I don't want to see it again either.

Trailer Reviews!
- Pacific Rim: A movie full of hot babes in giant robots PLUS the computer's voice is GLaDos OMG. Colour me there.
- Oblivion: I had to finally close my eyes because it was giving the entire damn movie away. As always, I can't quite decide if I love Tom
Cruise or detest him. I do love Morgan Freeman without reservation, tho. Fun fact - all yesterday I thought Morgan Freeman had called Lucy Liu a dog and couldn't figure out why he'd do something so weird. True story!
- The Lone Ranger: It may be just me, but that movie looked totally fucking racist. And can Johnny Depp make just ONE movie without
Helena Bonham Carter showing up, for Pete's sake?

In other news, back in 2010 I made my one and only video on YouTube, which was a compilation of dirty boy-on-boy scenes from the movie My Beautiful Laundrette. I forgot about it until today (because of the dumb YouTube changes of late), and checked out how many views it had accumulated. The number? 909,000. WHAT!?! Now I'm thinking I should make a second video one of these days. LOL!
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You know why Canada is a great country? Because we have monkeys in winter coats running around all over the damn place. I hear they're going to start giving them away as McDonald's happy meal toys.

In other news, this is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. I laughed so loud my kid came from the other room to see if I was okay.
Via Tumblr:



           how do woman not orgasm when inserting tampons.
like isn’t just like having sex i don't get it?

This sounds like a Mitt Romney diary entry.
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Hi hi hi! Here are a couple of movie reviews for you, one old and musty and one new and shiny.

The Dark Knight Rises: let me say upfront that I went into this movie with ground floor expectations. My very limited understanding of the movie was that it was going to be dark and gloomy and suck out every good emotion I've ever felt, and Batman might or might not bite it by the end, and I wouldn't understand what the hell Bane was saying, and I was going to want to go home after and drink antifreeze. But it was at the cheap theatre, and for five bucks I was willing to give it a shot. WELL. I would like to tell you that this movie leaped, nay, skyrocketed into my top-ten list of best action movies evah. Maybe even top-five. Sure, it had its cheesy moments...but I like cheese. Mostly it was fabulous, and I kept catching myself grinning like an idiot as I watched it. All the characters were larger than life in all the right ways, and boy was everybody good looking. I would have gladly had sex with any of them (or watched them have sex with each other, believe you me). Special shout-out to Tom Hardy, who is mesmerizing like a nuclear strike is mesmerizing; there aren't enough words to describe how sexy he is. I thought Michael Cain did some fine, fine acting in this movie, too. I was totally choked up during his most emotional scenes. So yeah, it had a big plot twist I didn't see coming and an ending plot twist I saw coming a mile away, and both were deeply satisfying. It wasn't The Avengers (against which I measure all things), but it was a remarkable ending to an historic trilogy, and I can't wait to see it again!

Skyfall: let me say upfront that I hate James Bond. He's the world's most obvious Gary Stu, all perfect and suave with never a moment's doubt or regret. That is, until Daniel Craig came along. Now he's all human and frail and troubled and hot. Not Tom Hardy hot (there can only be one), but easy on the eyes. Nonetheless, I don't think I did myself any favours watching Skyfall the same month I watched The Dark Knight. It was a good movie, but workmanlike in its formula: chase scene here, psychologically revealing scene here, sexy gal scene here. It annoyed me that EVERY bit of dialogue was witty banter/repartee, and that (I may be making this up), like so many movies, it put forth the idea that good people are good looking, and bad people are ugly. Unlike Batman, where both good and evil people are equally gorgeous, LOL. Javier Bardem was as wonderful as the material allowed him to be. I love that man; he can do no wrong in my eyes (except his dyed eyebrows, maybe). In closing, I would like to watch a movie where the whole thing consists of sexy competent men adjusting their cufflinks after having harrowing adventures. THE END.

ION, The Hobbit trailer gave me major goosebumps. I pray to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that the 3D isn't muddy or cartoonish!!!
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I'm trying my best to stay far away from the TV tonight so I won't have all the stomach upset associated with watching an election this close OMG. I'm trying to manage my expectations, going so far as to predict a Romney win so I won't be crushed with disappointment if Obama loses. Well, whatever happens, the sun will still rise, etc., etc. Just think, two short years and the campaigning starts all over again! ::twitches::

I actually had quite an interesting conversation with Mr. Posh yesterday, as he pretty much represents yer average Canadian American conservative voter. I often wonder what Republicans think when they make the decisions they do, so I asked him. His view is skewed a bit because he's most interested in  what's best for Canada (ie: Romney supports the oil pipeline and Obama doesn't really care for us, sad but true), but there was still a lot to glean from his answers. His take: everybody should pay less taxes, even rich people. The government is so unwieldy and bad with money that for a Democratic government, NO amount of tax money will ever be enough. The US is in such massive, crippling debt that Obamacare will sink the country. It may be just, but what good is it if the whole country goes belly-up because of its cost? (Remember, this is what he said, not me) When I brought up the War on Women, HE HAD NEVER HEARD OF IT. I know! But there you go. He's not on the Internet like a lot of us, so he just never heard about it. As I'm sure plenty of USians (our term of endearment of choice) have not as well. When I told him what today's Republican party stands for when it come to reproductive rights, he was gobsmacked. He had no idea that was their position, and he frankly thought they wouldn't be able to put such draconian laws into place. So now you know!

As per usual, I believe both candidates are human, not devils, wanting what they think is best for their country. Having said that, PLEASE OBAMA WIN. Heh. Whatever happens, Obama is a fuck-ton cooler than Romney, that's for sure. Like, infinity cooler. They'll never take that away from him!!!!

ETA: I can't believe I forgot to tell you this, but one of our US suppliers (medical soft goods, not meth) who is indeed from the south and hates Obama's guts told us outright in an email that she recently picked up a computer virus, and so did a few of her other outspoken Republican friends, and do you know why that is? Because Obama gave it to them to shut them up. She actually said, "So much for freedom of speech, eh?" What do you say to people who think like that, I ask you? (Even though I do sometimes wonder if Mitt's epic hairdo gives off thought control radio waves. Don't tell me you haven't wondered about that, too.)
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OMFG. ::curls up into a lifeless ball of emotional ruin::
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Happy Halloween everybody! If I can pull my act together, I'll try to post some pics later of some of the best decorated houses in the neighbourhood.

It's my nine year anniversary on LJ today. I'm not sure why I joined on Halloween, but it turned out to be a pretty good idea. That was a bloody quick nine years if I do say so myself.  I know a lot of people are hating on LJ right now (and always) and abandoning ship and so on, but until LJ explodes or turns Russian-only, I'm afraid you're stuck with me. :0D Although I am thinking about cross-posting to/from Dreamwidth, just to get the swing of it over there. Just in case. ::shifty eyes::

In other news, I can't decide if I want to sign up for Yultide this year. I'm alway afraid I'll be asked to write a pairing I hate, or a plot that hurts my sensibilites. I know I don't have to write anything, but I also don't want to disappoint whoever is stuck with me. I know how that is, as last year (not to be an ungrateful lout) I asked for hot and snarky Walking Dead, and I got angsty meta instead. Damn it! Walking Dead is now such a big fandom it's not even a Yultide choice this year, so it looks like I'm NEVER going to read about Crazy!Rick having desperate power struggle sex with somebody. Hmph! My asks and offers would be Nurse Jackie, New Girl, Lie to Me, and it's a tossup between Anne of GG and Downton Abbey (which I wrote last year). Yikes, I just can't decide to pull the trigger or not. Deadline is today, so I don't have the luxury of mulling it over. I agonize! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go surrepticiously eat the candy I'm supposed to be giving out tonight.

PS And I also have to go shovel snow before the kids come, because this is dumb Canada.

PPS This post mysteriously set my mood to horny even though I didn't ask it to, so I feel obligated to keep it. It must be the Crazy!Rick gets laid talk. Ha!
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My non-spoilery review of Looper: I never thought Joseph Gordon Levitt could be ugly, but his prosthetics for this movie proved me wrong. He's supposed to look like a younger Bruce Willis (who I love deeply, not even going to hide it), but instead he looks like the demon love child of John Travolta and Robert De Niro. Other than that, if you squint your eyes during the plot holes and contrivances (and not all of them are the fault of time travel paradoxes), the movie surprised and pleased me. It's the kind of movie where the less you know about the plot, the better off you'll be. The second half of the movie was straight out of left field for me, and there was a certain actor in it who was beyond amazing, IMO. It was sort of unnatural how good he was, and I don't know how the director managed to pull such a believable performance out of him. In short, I give Looper a thumbs up, although not way up.

My non-spoilery review of Cabin in the Woods: Speaking of needing to go in knowing as little as possible! I'd managed to keep myself almost completely spoiler-free for this movie, and I'm so glad. I enjoyed it very much, the writing being top-notch (duh, Joss and Drew) and the plot tossing every other horror movie on its head. It wasn't really scary at all (although let's be real: nothing is scary when you watch The Walking Dead every week), other than a few BOO! moments that you could see coming a mile away - which is how I like my horror movies. I'm not scared of gore, but creepy suspense is not something I go looking for if I know what's good for my sleep patterns. Chris Hemsworth was smokin' hot as usual. If he and Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum made a movie together, I honestly think it would cause a tear in the space/time continuum. I'm willing to take the risk if they are, however. Anyway, I give Cabin in the Woods an enthusiastic thumbs up, keeping in mind the spirit in which it was intended.
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