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 My dudes! 

The youngest Kitten and I decided we wanted to do something brave, so we launched a Kickstarter campaign this morning.

It's for a pop culture trivia game we thought up. Wow, getting a Kickstarter in place is a heck of a lot more work than we imagined. So many decisions, many of them with steep learning curves (international shipping, I'm looking at you). But running a Kickstarter was on my bucket list, so I'm quite pleased even if we don't make our goal.

Come check it out, and let me know if you have any suggestions. And spread the word if you know anyone who might like it! I blow kisses in your general direction. MWAH!

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 I just finished watching the first episode of The Handmaid's Tale, and I'm emotionally beaten to a pulp. You think Insidious is scary? Or The Exorcist? This show is pure horror! Terror! Creeping dread! It's very well done, and it's been decades since I read the book, so I'm not comparing them as such. It's the proximity to real life that makes it so unsettling. Brrr.

If the US ever becomes a true theocracy (which doesn't sound so crazy these days, does it), I will smuggle all of you into Canada and keep you hidden in my basement. It's nice, and has a kitchenette, so. xoxoxox
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Jamie Dornan is making my life difficult.

I was only peripherally aware of his existence though the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, which I had no desire to see, because I have taste. LOL. If that joke made you mad, hold that thought. The story isn't over yet.

Anyway, I recently watched the third season of the Netflix show The Fall (which I loved, flaws and all), and which stars Gillian Anderson and an Irish, bearded, sculpted, evil Jamie Dornan. This season he wasn't just evil, he was like, if you distilled evil and poured it into a hot body. Dead eyed evil. You get the idea. Let me say, it's damned unsettling to be SO VERY attracted to a hateful, conniving serial killer. What's a girl to do? As it turns out, a girl ends up going home to Winterfell watching Fifty Shades of Grey alone in her bedroom at night like it was the worst porn hahaha. Because then I could finally see Jamie naked! And horny! And the toppiest top that ever topped! And not murdering women with his bare hands! \0/ \0/

The movie was not what I expected in some ways. Putting aside all the SJW anguish about their relationship in this movie, I'll say this. It was a terrible misrepresentation of dom/sub culture (not that I'm an expert or even a partaker). Neither of them liked it, at least without a boatload of shame and disgust. So that was a surprise, as I thought he was going to draw her into the lifestyle. The movie Secretary this was not. Having said that, Mr. Grey: that was some pretty weak spanking you laid on your girlfriend there, bud. It wouldn't have even left a handprint; such a waste. My favourite scene was when he beat her with the belt and made her count the strikes, but then they made me feel like a monster for liking it, so never mind.

As for Jamie, he was painfully, laughably wooden. He was all "must...keep...my...American...accent", so didn't have time to act I guess. I know he's a good actor because I've seen it, but my lord. I found Dakota Johnson to be fresh and charming - another plot twist I didn't see coming. Having said that, the dialogue was even worse than I imagined it would be so that was pretty enjoyable. "If you were mine, I'd fuck you into next week." At least into Wednesday, maybe even Thursday if I can have a rest in between.

BUT! He was sexy and shirtless and bossy and open mouthed kissing on elevators and tying bondage ties and knuckle crawling across beds throughout, so I couldn't have been more pleased in that regard. Jamie, to me you are perfect. <3

Which is how I find myself lurking on Tumblr at present, counting down the days to Fifty Shades Darker, like an idiot. He's going to have rough sex with her on a...a pommel horse?? Truly magnificent. IDEK, but I am there. Laters, baby!


See? So hot. So evil. Don't let those doe eyes fool you.
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I try to go to a movie by myself every week on Cheap Tuesday ($8.25 in Calgary, not so cheap).

This week I was going to go see La La Land (the Critic's Darling), but my heart really wanted to see Assassin's Creed, (the Worst Movie Based on a Video Game Ever). I don't know why I'm so broken inside, haha. I was so ashamed of my poor life choices I didn't go to either movie.

Just take me out with the rest of the trash.
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Wow, this year is going to be painful to the very last day, isn't it?

As with so many of you, I'm going to import my decade and a half(ish) of LiveJournal posts to Dreamwidth, though I'll be damned if I'm going to close my account here! I'm going to think of this upheaval as a new start, however, and maybe post again like the old days. It's sad to think that the glory days are so permanently behind us.

Anyway, I'm poshcat over at Dreamwidth too, so drop on by if you haven't already, and be prepared to behold the wonder of my real life updates!!! LOL.
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Oof, I'm recovering from food poisoning I think. So much pooping, so little time. I missed two days of work (which is conveniently located in our basement), which left poor Mr Posh to do everything on his own. Missing work is so much more fun when you're not lying in bed wondering if a quick death would be better than these stomach cramps. I ate five soda crackers and a handful of pretzles yesterday. Blech. Today I'm feeling much better yay! I think I got the bug from a dinner theatre I went to with my sister. I don't know what's worse, the food poisoning or watching Young Frankenstein the Musical performed by local actors haha. Puttin' on the Ritzarrrrgh!

In other news, my youngest has nine days of high school left and then she's finished for good. Aaaaand, that's it, my work as a parent is done. \0/ (There she is in the icon, when she was cute and before she discovered sarcasm.)
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Dudes. I come from beyond the eternal mists of the nether world! Aka: Tumblr. Lol. For any of you still around, I've been wanting to post again foreverrrr, but I talked myself out of it time after time because I'm so lame-ass. I'm, like, Kardashian lame. Beiber lame. TRUMP LAME. Okay, maybe not that lame. But pretty lame.

However, I've come back to preach the word. The word, my sisters (and brothers) (haha, just kidding), is my new religion. My new and singular fandom that's struck me to the core, the only one since Buffy that's fired my loins and make me a true believer.

OMG don't laugh; it's Daredevil.

Let's break it down. Usually I go for fellows who look like this:

Big brawny men with muscles to spare and tempers to avoid. That is my aesthetic. Heck, I married it!

But along comes this guy:

Slim and shortish, hot as hell, hyper competent, hyper conflicted. Tormented, even. The last fictional boyfriend of that description who caught my heart this hard was a boy named Spike, heh. Matt Murdock, my new TV megacrush. His million watt smile is going to give me a stroke. His bum! His cane! His punches! His tilt of the head to hear all the sounds! Oh god, his mouth!!::collapses in a puddle of need:: I've never wanted a TV character to have sex with anyone, anywhere, anyhow SO BADLY IT HURTS. I settle for him beating the shit out of everyone and spitting blood when he's down. whimper

I gulped down season 1 this week, panting and wide-eyed, and watched Episode 1 of S2 tonight. OMG CRAZY SHANE IS THE BIG BAD. I don't know if I can survive it, honestly. I love all the other characters too, Karen and Foggy and especially Fisk, who is after all my go-to aesthetic in case you missed it.

Probably none of you watch it, or else watch it with the same detached interest that I give to all the other shows I watch, but I feel a duty to proselytize to y'all. You need a little devil in you. Praise be! I don't even care if the next 2 seasons are bad; I'll always have perfect season 1 to keep me warm. And by warm, I mean unconfortably hot. Hahaha. ::fans face so hard I get tendonitis::

Anyway...hi! I'm, uh, trying to stay away from carbs these days and my youngest is almost done Grade 12. I'm almost 50! I'm trying to plan out a Kickstarter!  We're thinking about our "retirement" in a few years! I miss you all VERY VERY MUCH. But that goes without saying. xoxoxoxo
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So I just finished marathoning the second season of Suits. I'd watched the first season a long time ago and liked it, but I thought there was nowhere they could go with the plot, and it was just going to be week after week of them winning cases and trying like heck to hide Mike's secret. I thought I'd watch just one little wee episode of season two to see what they'd do with these fellas. Fast forward to today. Hoo boy! The drama! The betrayals! The crazy gorgeous people everywhere! And Gale from Breaking Bad, very much alive and being a dick - like eveyone else in this show. Nobody is nice, nobody is honest, everybody is good looking. EXCELLENT.

Two points:

1. You could tell me that the writers of the last episode didn't watch the Buffy and Spike hate-sex scene from Smashed...but I wouldn't believe you.

2. I just want someone to love Louis. Anyone. Anyone besides me, I mean.
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Urk, I hate it when I don't post forever and then there's a big pile of things to post about.

As mentioned last time, I went to Vancouver at the end of February. The airline people were super nice and helpful, so I got to ride in a wheelchair and be fussed over. It was rather grand! I walked way too much when we were there, but still felt not too terribly bad, and got the Poshkitten moved into her new place. I convinced Mr Posh to come home on the 10:15pm flight so we could spend all the time possible with the kid, but by our last day she wanted nothing to do with us (snort), so we dumped her at her new home and sat at the airport for 6 hours, where we ate Carl's Jr (don't have one in Calgary) and drank 9 dollar drinks (and it was honest to god the smallest drink I've ever received in a bar - an ounce of booze, two ounces of Coke, and three ice cubes. I shake my head.

When we got home I went downhill a bit, still in quite a bit of pain, still spotting. I feared I'd done too much in Vancouver and bemoaned the slow recovery. Fast forward to this week, when I went in for my six week follow up. The second I told her I was still bleeding I could tell from her reaction that was bad (but the internet says to expect bleeding for up to six weeks OMG!). An examination showed I have a freaking infection. I totally went to the car and cried afterward, I'm not gonna lie. I'm so mad at myself for not calling her office weeks ago to tell her, as I've been suffering all this time for nothing, plus my recover has been set back by weeks. DAMMIT JANET. So now I'm on these mega antibiotics that make me dizzy and nauseated for ten days. This is the opposite of fun, woe. AT least the spotting finally stopped (today!), so I'm taking that as a victory. But no victory lap for me, Dr's orders. I await the day I'm glad I had this hysterectomy, cause it sure hasn't come yet.

In closing, my favourite movie of last year was Birdman, and I was so glad it won Best Picture. Because I'm sick of talking about my lady parts!!
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Yikes, the days go so darn fast! I had my surgery Feb 6, and everyone was super nice to me in the hospital, especially Nurse Morphine. Everything went as planned, and the surgery took two hours, fifteen minutes. It started several hours late though, so when Mr Posh phoned to see if I was out of recovery and they told him I was still in surgery he freaked the heck out. LOL. No surgery didn't last six hours, honey. Take deep breaths.

I took a selfie when I got to my hospital room.

In the hospital

I've had some ups and downs during my recovery so far (pro tip: don't eat chips a week after surgery or you WILL be down for two days with the worst gas pains of your life), and all in all I'm not healing as quickly as I'd hoped. We go to Vancouver to see the Poshkitten on Friday, and I am really not in any shape to be doing that. I've already got a wheelchair with my name on it at the airport, so at least I won't have to walk much there. The plane ride...that's going to be interesting. Hopefully I make some kind of miracle recovery this week before we go. My T3s make me hella sick to my stomach, but I might not have a choice. It's that or extra strength ibuprofen son, and that's not going to cut it. I took a percocet last night (left over from Mr Posh's appendectomy lol) and it was glorious. I wish I had ten of those to take with me, but no such luck. What is it with me and doctors and painkillers? Mr Posh got percocets for both his vascectomy and his appendix, and I got them for neither my C-section or hysterectomy. WTF. Yes, I'm outright bitter, thanks for asking. I'm not saying it's because he's a man...except I totally am.

Mr Posh has been a dream though (I know!), being very helpful and considerate and even cooking! The younger kitten is also extra solicitous, with hugs and water-getting whenever I need them. I belong to a group online called HysterSisters (great name), and there are women on there with nobody to help them, or families who resent and ignore them, and one's woman's husband died the day after her surgery!!! So I'm counting my blessings, believe me.

I'll let you know how everything goes on Friday OMG. Wish me luck.
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What a week it's been here.

First, I got my first smart phone ever. It's like having angels puking rainbows all over me, it's just that marvelous. Even better than I hoped it would be. I can make a grocery list! ON MY PHONE!! LOL, I love it very much. It's a Samsung Galaxy S4. Not even the latest one and I'm in tears of happiness and gratitude.

Second, the oldest Poshkitten is graduating college in three weeks....except some dudefrom a gaming company came into her class and offered her a job pretty much on the spot. Damn, son. She said yes, is working long hours and loving it, and is making 40 grand a year. IDEK. She'll still graduate if she hands in her Demo Reel project with the rest of her class. We're so proud of her!

This is one of her latest drawings. Remember when she drew those Star Wars icons (see above)?? She's come a long way.

meryl streep

Did I mention she's gay and in love with Meryl Streep? But who isn't in love with Meryl, am I right?

And lastly I'm going in for my hysterectomy tomorrow morning. I'm not scared so much as experiencing creeping dread. Ha! I'm trying not to eat too much so the anesthetic isn't as hard on my tummy, and it's easy because I'm too nervous to eat. The worst part is not knowing how much pain I'm going to be in after. They tell me it's okay to mourn my lost uterus, but I'm more like, "Get away from her, you bitch!"

All in all, a pretty good week!
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 We made it to 2015. We all rock! It was a rough last half of the year for me, but I'm doing so much better now. Yay! It took me more than two months to fully recover from my blood loss. I was weak and dizzy for a long time, and my short term memory sucked. Which sucked. I could literally forget something three seconds after I thought about it. For example, I could look at a phone number on a piece of paper, turn to dial it into the phone, and forget it before I could dial it. Argh! It made working an exercise in frustration, but the worst has passed in that regard, I think.

I'm getting my traitorous uterus (and cervix) removed on Feb 6, and I'm excited as heck about it. No more scary periods, no more fibroids from hell. I had to get a gigantic shot of Lupron to shrink my uterus by Feb to better the odds that laproscopic surgery will be doable, which will make my recovery much easier. Ha ha, remember when my LJ was about sexy sex? Sigh. Anyway, the Lupron cost $1100. Damn, son! The people who helped me at the pharmacy said it was the most expensive RX they'd ever filled. Lucky me!

I'm going to stop there, because I'm really hoping to post way more often with all my news. I miss interacting with you guys (whoever is still here, that is). LJ's glory days may be over, but we survivors need to stick together. xoxoxoxo
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This week has been a rather awful one, what with misogyny and murder and stoning and such, so let's talk about something that has nothing to do with any of that so we can forget about it for a minute.

I was watching movie trailers on traileraddict.com (although I'm not sure why I do that to myself because they always show WAY too much of the movie's plot and then if it's a movie I think I want to see I have to scramble to stop the trailer so I don't find out things I don't want to know until I'm watching the movie OMG. Anyway, I watched these trailers from the front page of the website:

A Walk Among the Tombstones: Liam Neeson plays yet another dude trying to save someone he loves. I can't help but wonder if he takes these rolls because when his wife died in a skiing accident there wasn't anything he could do to help her. Freud me up, Scotty! Anyway, it was more of the same old thing we've seen a zillion times, and then they showed a character DYING UNEXPECTEDLY, which it seems to me would have been a shocking moment while watching the movie if they didn't show it during the trailer.

What if: Daniel Radcliffe is trying so hard to get the hell away from Harry Potter, isn't he? This is a quirky little film about a guy who is trying to win the heart of this gal who already has a boyfriend. There's a scene when they're in a change room and he's helping her get this too-small dress over her head and he's supposed to have his eyes closed but he's looking at her anyway and her eyes are covered by the dress and he wants to kiss her soooo bad, and they're literally inches apart. Well, that hit all my bulletproof kinks, thanks. However, I watched almost the whole thing so I guess I don't want to see it that much.

The Book of Life: Ten seconds and I was out. I didn't like the plot or animation, so whatevs.

Mood Indigo: OMG Audrey Tautou! Amelie is one of my top ten movies ever, and this one also has that dreamy, impossibly romantic tone to it. I turned it off, but I was desperate to see more.

Magic in the Moonlight: Skeptic falls for the Long Island Medium. LOL, I would totally watch that movie. No, he falls for Emma Stone, as one does. I love Emma Stone. I love Colin Firth. I do not love Woody Allen. I *hate* yet another movie with an older dude hooking up with a very young woman. I watched the whole trailer (which gave away only the basic premise FWIW), but I'm not watching the movie. Eff you, Woody.


Guardians of the Galaxy: I've never heard of this comic, but...LOVED IT. COLOUR ME THERE.

Interstellar: They can't fool me. I only watched five seconds of it, then turned it off to avoid spoilers. All I know is the main character is an engineer who likes corn. If the reviews are decent, I'll definitely check it out. Super 8 was a massive disappointment under similar circumstances tho, so my expectations are rock bottom.

This is Where I Leave You: Jason Bateman has to spend a week with his dysfunctional family after their father dies. I watched all of it, but that's not such a bad thing with this kind of movie. I'll watch all the same jokes a second time and laugh just as hard. Tina Fey is my flat out hero, so if it's good enough for her to be in it, it's good enough for me to watch it.

Transformers was on the next page, so maybe I'll get to that one next time. :0D
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Aw, today is the day I created my LJ - in 2003! I can't believe it's been so long, and how much has happened in that magnificent span of time. Although I am, let us say, post-averse these days, I still read my Flist faithfully and miss all of those who have Tumbld drifted away to newer climes. For all you hardy souls who are still posting, I'm always excited to read about your latest news so don't ever think you're talking into the void, or pissing into the wind, or whatever you want to call it. Hee. Anyway, here's to the last ten years, and to the next ten years, in which I post WAY more than I have been. ::swears on the bible::
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Hi! Not sure how big this news is outside of Canada, but I thought you might have heard that Calgary has been flooded out and you might be wondering how my family and I are faring. Long story short: we're fine, as our house isn't near enough to a river to be affected. Little longer story: I'm actually in Ontario with Mr. Posh for his niece's wedding today. I found out fifteen minutes before I left the Kittens to drive to the airport that a state of emergency had been declared for the city. That was SO FUN. Luckily, that was a good fifteen hours before the water crested so the main roads were still open at that time. It's crazy that places we know so well are now washed away (or. more likely, under water). The poor zoo! The poor Saddledome! Our season ticket seats for Hitmen Hockey are presently submerged, plus another ten rows up. Have mercy.

I was chatting with the Kittens last night, and told them that if a boil water advisory was in effect they HAD to do it. Their reply: That's okay, we're just drinking pop and stuff instead. Hee! They're worried we won't be able to get home from the airport (which I hadn't even thought of), but worst case scenario is that we'll have to drive around the outskirts of the city and come home the back way. I think those roads are okay. Fifteen minutes from where we live the town of Okotoks is in ruins - and fifteen minutes beyond that the town of High River is pretty much gone. Why do people want to live in a place called "High River", anyway??? Connect the dots, people!

Lots and lots of wedding stories to tell, but that will have to wait until I get home.  Take care everybody, and let's pray there's an open bar tonight at the reception.
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This video made me laugh SO hard. Sometimes you just don't see the lizard coming.

And also, hi everybody! :0)


Mar. 30th, 2013 06:52 pm
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So I've never watched Spartacus. Not a minute of it, ever. However, something strange is happening to me.  I started seeing a whole slew of Tumblr gifs of two dudes on the show who are in love with each other, and who AFAIK spend their days brutally gutting common enemies and nights making out. I have no idea who they are. I have no idea of the context of their relationship. Yet I've fallen in love with them through gifs and other people's reactions to what's happening to them on the show.

The short one's an ex slave I think, and the tall one is a rebel good guy I think. I'm not sure if everybody approves or disapproves of their hot, slick lust for one another. I don't even know their names. Argyle and Nosehair? Hee.

This kind of scorching hot sex scene gif is what attracted me to these two.

But it's this kind of heart-breaking scene that made me care about them. Not that I've seen that scene, just the gifs. LOL!

How can you not love these two?

Tonight's the series ender, and one or both of them may die and/or be devastated by the death of the other. I'm all nervous, even though I don't even watch the damn show. Everyone's reaction posts will kill me, never mind the gifs!!! Snort. I realize this is ridiculous, which is why I had to share it with you. Pray for me.
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I'll bet you thought I forgot about this. Heh, or maybe you just forgot about it, whichever. Anyway, my number 3 song is The House That Heaven Built by Japandroids, a Canadian band, yay! If you're looking for a driving rock anthem to get you moving, here's your song.

The House That Heaven Built

And if they try to slow you down
Tell em all to go to hell

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Hoo boy, if I was worried that this half of the season wouldn't be as good as the first half of the season - tonight put that to rest! I love Daryl SO MUCH. Could he be any more heroic and amazing? He's definitely one of my favourite TV characters ever, in no small part due to his character arc from cowering, ignorant hillbilly to brave, selfless, loyal warrior. Yay!

My spoilerific thoughts ahoy... )
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Oscar Pistorius charged with murder in the death of model girlfriend. WTF, Oscar?! A guy who seemed to have everything going for him and the goodwill of the world behind him, and it's all gone, gone, gone. That poor girl!
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