Mar. 23rd, 2015

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Urk, I hate it when I don't post forever and then there's a big pile of things to post about.

As mentioned last time, I went to Vancouver at the end of February. The airline people were super nice and helpful, so I got to ride in a wheelchair and be fussed over. It was rather grand! I walked way too much when we were there, but still felt not too terribly bad, and got the Poshkitten moved into her new place. I convinced Mr Posh to come home on the 10:15pm flight so we could spend all the time possible with the kid, but by our last day she wanted nothing to do with us (snort), so we dumped her at her new home and sat at the airport for 6 hours, where we ate Carl's Jr (don't have one in Calgary) and drank 9 dollar drinks (and it was honest to god the smallest drink I've ever received in a bar - an ounce of booze, two ounces of Coke, and three ice cubes. I shake my head.

When we got home I went downhill a bit, still in quite a bit of pain, still spotting. I feared I'd done too much in Vancouver and bemoaned the slow recovery. Fast forward to this week, when I went in for my six week follow up. The second I told her I was still bleeding I could tell from her reaction that was bad (but the internet says to expect bleeding for up to six weeks OMG!). An examination showed I have a freaking infection. I totally went to the car and cried afterward, I'm not gonna lie. I'm so mad at myself for not calling her office weeks ago to tell her, as I've been suffering all this time for nothing, plus my recover has been set back by weeks. DAMMIT JANET. So now I'm on these mega antibiotics that make me dizzy and nauseated for ten days. This is the opposite of fun, woe. AT least the spotting finally stopped (today!), so I'm taking that as a victory. But no victory lap for me, Dr's orders. I await the day I'm glad I had this hysterectomy, cause it sure hasn't come yet.

In closing, my favourite movie of last year was Birdman, and I was so glad it won Best Picture. Because I'm sick of talking about my lady parts!!


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